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Heat protector manufacturers bimetal temperature control switch small appliances temperature control how to repair the water heater without heating
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Heating element
If the electric water heater is not heated, it may be due to a heater element problem. Domestic water heaters usually have upper and lower heating elements. If the water is not heated, it is likely that there is a problem with the upper element, and if there is some hot water but not much, the lower element is likely to be a problem. Can use multiple heating elements to test heater, instrument function. Turn off the water heater and remove the access cover from the side of the tank. Push the insulation to one side to contact the element. Disconnect two wires from each element and set the multimeter to R 1. For upper or lower components, the meter should read 10 to 20 ohms of resistance. There should be no continuity when testing between the terminal and the tank. If different results are obtained, components need to be replaced, which requires emptying the tank. To repair water heater elements, first close the fill valve and use a hose to drain water through the drain valve until the water level is below the element opening. Be careful when handling hot water. To avoid accidents, use a faucet at home to drain most of the water and then empty the tank. Remove element using socket or element wrench. Ensure that the washer is in place and that the new element is tightened properly. Reconnect the wire to the component terminal, close the drain valve, and fill the tank up. Keep an eye out for leaks during repairs.

Temperature controller
If the electric water heater is not heated, there may be a problem with the control thermostat. This thermostat regulates the water temperature in the water heater, usually between 90 and 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Most home water heaters have an up-down thermostat that should be set at the same temperature. To test each thermostat, first turn off the power to the equipment and then remove the access cover that is located on the side of the tank. Push aside the insulation to make sure the upper thermostat reset button does not trip. Make sure both thermostats display the same Settings. If the water temperature in the tank is below 90 degrees Fahrenheit, use a multimeter to check continuity. Check that the upper thermostat maintains continuity between the bottom thermostat between terminals L1 and T2 and terminals 1 and 2. If there is no continuity below 90 f, the thermostat is defective and needs to be replaced. Remove wire and spring mounting bracket from thermostat. Make sure the new thermostat mounting bracket is firmly on the tank wall. For a gas water heater, the gas valve determines the temperature. The valve assembly has a dial that controls the temperature. When the light is on and you adjust the temperature but the water does not get hot, only a qualified technician should replace the valve assembly.

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