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Professional set design and development, production and management, product sales as one of the national high-tech enterprises. With advanced production equipment, strong technical force and leading technology;

Selected quality raw materials

Strictly control the quality source of raw materials, before shipment, through the strict testing of quality control department personnel, to ensure that customers receive goods without defects.

Advanced quality inspection equipment

We have fully introduced iso9001-2008 international quality management system, and have strict and scientific quality management procedures for every process from raw material procurement to delivery

Perfect after-sales service team

Exclusive truck team, with complete and comprehensive logistics information, low cost and high delivery efficiency, can be delivered within 24 hours in guangdong

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To provide customers with cost-effective products and services, pay attention to process control, the pursuit of quality results。

          The company is a professional design and development, production and marketing, product sales as one of the national high-tech enterprises.The products are widely used in electric ovens, electric heaters, ovens, baking trays, boiling water stoves, toasters, oil fryers, electric heating lamps, electric irons, rice cookers, machine (box) cabinets and other household appliances. Our company's products are approved by European and American national and domestic product safety certification and environmental testing requirements.

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What does manufacturer of temperature co...

If the water heater switches between hot and cold, there may be a problem controlling the thermostat. The water heater has two thermostats, a top and a bottom. Fluctuations between hot and cold temperatures indicate that only the upper water heater circuit is working. The thermostat powers the upper element and transfers power to the lower element once the desired temperature is reached in the wat...

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Heat protector manufacturers bimetal tempe...

If the electric water heater is not heated, it may be due to a heater element problem. Domestic water heaters usually have upper and lower heating elements. If the water is not heated, it is likely that there is a problem with the upper element, and if there is some hot water but not much, the lower element is likely to be a problem.

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